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Markforged Industrial Series

Introducing the Industrial Series Composite 3D printers; large-format 3D printers featuring Markforged's unique composite reinforcement technology. These machines have replaced machined aluminum with carbon fiber and have stronger parts, are 50x faster, and 20x less expensive. Industrial grade large-format printers deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability. These printers are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling (Jigs, Jaws, Tools, Fixtures). Save time and money printing tools previously machined out of aluminum.

The Industrial Series was previously known as the Mark X, but has now been expanded into two different printers; X3 and X7, both at different price points in order to get you the best printer to fit your needs.

Markforged X3

The strength you need for tooling and functional parts. Designed for accuracy and built to survive the production floor environment, the X3 saves you time and money.

Industrial grade performance starts with an all-aluminum unibody enclosure built around an ultra flat gantry system. Add a machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, and a precision ground print platform. Then close the loop with software - instrumenting each machine with a full sensor suite including motor encoders and a calibration laser so accurate it can compensate for single digit changes in room temperature.

Markforged X7

Exceptionally strong, supremely stiff, ultra lightweight, and incredibly versatile — X7 parts deliver unparalleled performance without compromise.

Built from the ground up for reliable performance, the X7 delivers breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing. The top-of-the-line industrial grade platform features a strengthened dual nozzle print system that supports Continuous Carbon Fiber and Kevlar reinforcement. Laser inspection scans parts mid-print to ensure dimensional accuracy for the most critical tolerances.

Markforged Industrial Series Printer Specs - X3 & X7

Markforged X3Markforged X7
Build Volume330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
Machine Weight68 kg (150 lbs)68 kg (150 lbs)
Footprint584 mm x 483 mm x 914 mm584 mm x 483 mm x 914 mm
Z Layer Resolution50 μm50 μm
Media CartridgePlastic Composite FilamentPlastic Composite Filament
Continuous Composite Filament
Internal Part GeometryClosed Cell Triangular Infill
Closed Cell Hexagonal Infill
Closed Cell Triangular Infill
Closed Cell Hexagonal Infill
TechnologyFFFFFF & CFF

Markforged Industrial Series Software Specs - X3 & X7

Markforged X3Markforged X7
SecuritySingle Sign-On
Two-Factor Authentication
Single Sign-On
Two-Factor Authentication
ProductivityPrinter Fleet Management
Organization Admin Portal
Printer Fleet Management
Organization Admin Portal
Early-access UpdatesEarly Access to New Design Features & Printing CapabilitiesEarly Access to New Design Features & Printing Capabilities
Software DeliveryCloud-Based
Local Storage
Fully On-Premise (Optional)
Local Storage
Fully On-Premise

X7 Field Addition

The rugged, field-deployable industrial 3D printer for tactical response to supply challenges in remote locations.

Whether you're in the armed services, field services, or factory operations — X7 FE bridges gaps in the path from art to part, where the road is not well-traveled.

X7 FE extends the reach of the Digital Forge, helping you produce parts with minimal effort at any point of need.

Lightweight unibody construction, precision-machined gantry, and laser-assisted calibration ensure consistent performance, wherever you go.


Pelican AL3232 single lid case with custom foam modules and moving component locks to mitigate damage during transport. The X7 FE solution has been included in MIL-STD-810 testing in support of a DoD Program of Record.


Increase supply chain resilience by printing tools, adapters, and replacement parts for equipment at the point of need. Ensure dimensional accuracy for the most critical tolerances with the integrated laser micrometer and adaptive bed leveling.


Simple user interface for effortless print configuration, with onboard utilities for guided printer calibration and maintenance. The X7 FE can be fully set up and ready to print in minutes. The unit contains the materials, spare parts, and tools needed to sustain production between resupply opportunities.

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