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Length: 1 day

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Description: Sheet Metal and Weldments teaches you how to build sheet metal parts using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software. Building standalone sheet metal parts, and converting conventional parts to sheet metal, including in assembly context, are covered.

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Sheet Metal Flange Method
  • What are Sheet Metal Parts?
  • Sheet Metal Methods
  • Base Flange
  • Flat Pattern
  • Edge Flanges
  • Editing Sheet Metal Settings
  • Cuts in Sheet Metal
  • Break Corner
  • Sheet Metal Parts in Drawings

Sheet Metal Convert Method

  • Sheet Metal Conversion Topics
  • Converting to Sheet Metal
  • Imported Geometry to Sheet Metal
  • Using the Rip Feature
  • Adding Bends in Place of Sharp Corners
  • Sheet Metal Features
  • Making Changes
  • Adding a Welded Corner

Multibody Sheet Metal Parts

  • Multibody Sheet Metal Parts
  • Methods to Create Multibody Sheet Metal Parts
  • Creating Multibodies by Sketching
  • Miter Flange
  • The Cut List Folder
  • Cuts using Multibodies
  • Patterning Sheet Metal Bodies
  • Sheet Metal Properties
  • Multibody Drawings
  • Using Mirror and Insert Part
  • Interfering Bodies
  • Exporting Sheet Metal Bodies
  • Using Split

Sheet Metal Forming Tools

  • Sheet Metal Forming Tools
  • Modifying an Existing Forming Tool
  • Creating a Custom Forming Tool

Additional Sheet Metal Features and Techniques

  • Additional Sheet Metal Features
  • Using Symmetry
  • Additional Modeling Techniques
  • In-Context Methods
  • Process Plans

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