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Step-By-Step Self-Paced Learning Guide

Description: A self-study guide to improving your productivity with SOLIDWORKS® software. Learn the fundamentals of CAD Productivity Tools at your own speed, and become more productive using FeatureWorks®, SOLIDWORKS Utilities, and SOLIDWORKS Toolbox®.


Unlock the full power of SOLIDWORKS design tools with the helpful instructions and tips available only from technical training experts on staff with SOLIDWORKS Corporation.

Build your skills and confidence quickly with 16 easy-to-understand tutorials and practice exercises, each building upon the previous lesson.

Reinforce your new skills with the accompanying CD, which features time-saving project files for tutorials and practice exercises.

Learn at your own pace - review each lesson as often as you want or quickly move on to the next lesson.

Follow along with more than 475 full-color images and screen captures that serve as easy-to-understand visual cues.

Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials: Parts and Assemblies

The topics covered in this guide are:

  • Introduction
  • What is the FeatureWorks® software?
  • What is the Toolbox® software?
  • What is the SOLIDWORKS® Utilities software?
  • Starting FeatureWorks, Toolbox and Utilities
  • Getting Help

Using FeatureWorks

  • Stages in the Process
  • Importing the Geometry
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • The FeatureWorks Process
  • Interactive Feature Recognition
  • Recognized Features Manager
  • Editing the Recognized Features
  • Volume Features

Using SOLIDWORKS® Utilities

  • SOLIDWORKS® Utilities Tools
  • Compare Features
  • Report Manager
  • Compare Geometry
  • Geometry Analysis
  • Find, Modify, Suppress and Simplify
  • Modify
  • Simplify
  • Power Select
  • Symmetry Check
  • Feature Paint

Using SOLIDWORKS Toolbox®

  • Tools
  • Toolbox Browser
  • Add to Library
  • 3D Content Central®
  • Structural Steel
  • Beam Calculator
  • Grooves
  • Bearing Calculator
  • Cams

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