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Limited Time Metal X Bundle Offers

Now's the Time: Metal X Exclusive Offers

Affordable, metal 3D printing is here!

The SolidExperts is offering two exclusive & limited time offers with the Metal X printer from Markforged.

Fill out the form below and a representative from The SolidExperts will follow-up with you shortly.

*Check out these incredible offer details below!

Offer 1: Industrial Series Package

Bundle an Industrial Composite Series 3D printer and the Metal X today. Print the full range of strong parts across metal,
composites and plastic with equipment tough enough for the factory floor.

Bundle Package Options:

  1. X7 & Metal X = $150,000
  2. X5 & Metal X = $140,000
  3. X3 & Metal X = $130,000

With the Industrial Series package you'll have more design and manufacturing flexibility across your applications. Print stronger metal and carbon fiber parts from an industrial-grade composite and metal printer.

Industrial Composite Printers:

Everything in the Industrial Composite printer series is meant to give you usable, precise, high quality parts right off the printer.

  • First ever in-process inspection
  • Onyx material with 50 micron layer height provides a beautiful, fine finish
  • Over 2.5X the build volume of the Mark Two printer
  • Unify remote manufacturing departments with Markforged's cloud software

Offer 2: Metal & Desktop Package

Reserve the Metal X printer with a deposit today, and receive a free Desktop Composite 3D printer. This is a great opportunity to get started with both metal and composites printing.

Bundle Package Options:

  1. $3,499 Metal X Deposit = Free Onyx One
  2. $6,999 Metal X Deposit = Free Onyx Pro
  3. $13,499 Metal X Deposit = Free Mark Two

As the 3D printing company renowned for printing the strongest parts in the industry, Markforged is offering a promotion to get you started with both metal and composites printing.

Benefits of the Metal X:

  • Increased production speed - design and print parts in less than 24 hours
  • Lightweight, isotropic-strength pure metal parts with 99.7% density
  • Complete design freedom allowing for complex geometric designs that can’t be machined

The Value of a Composite Printer:

As 2017 enterprise printer of the year, Markforged's Desktop Composite line removes the time, hassle and design iterations of traditional CNC machining.

Choose from the Onyx One, Onyx Pro, or Mark Two Composite printer to make sure you have the right strength and material for any job - ranging from tooling, to jigs and fixtures, or end-use parts.

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