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Flexible purchasing options give you the power to choose a license that best suits your needs

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Open New Possibilities for Your 3D Designs

Take advantage of 3D design sharing, markup, data storage, design review, and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS Subscription.

Design is not one size fits all.

SOLIDWORKS® user needs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a simple way to share and markup 3D designs with suppliers, a place to securely store and access your designs, or the ability to formally manage design changes, Cloud Services capabilities coming this July to SOLIDWORKS Subscription fit how you need to get the job done.

Watch the video to explore how you can use new sharing, markup, storage, collaboration, and management features at a pace that fits your workflows and comfort level. Get ready to take advantage of these possibilities and pursue your passion for design without limits.

Share and Markup

Sharing is a life lesson we learn early on, but it has never been this easy. With these new capabilities, you can share 3D designs with anyone directly from SOLIDWORKS. Getting real-time feedback and iterating on your work is now as easy as sharing a link from SOLIDWORKS. It’s just like eDrawings you’ve relied on for years, but no installation necessary no need to send a physical file, and best of all, it all works from any browser.

Store and Revise

Whether it was a file cabinet or a Windows folder, designers and engineers have always needed a place to store and access their data. This July, SOLIDWORKS Subscription with Cloud Services will include secure, cloud-based storage and sharing, versioning and revision management, and easy design review capabilities. You can save your data to the cloud right from SOLIDWORKS, providing you with a secure hub to store and access your work. If you need to work with other designers, you can lock designs to ensure no one overwrites your work, easily manage revisions, and create detailed markups with redline, measurements, and annotations. Welcome to your single source of truth to keep your tasks on-point and on-time.

Manage and Control

Should you need to progress beyond sharing and storage, the data capabilities progress with you. Those with complex management needs have full access to a suite of tools to help you manage data, work through formal change actions and approvals, and keep project task in check. This solution scales with you, no matter your needs. These cloud enhancements connect SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, where your possibilities extend beyond formal data management and into other areas of product development, such as advanced simulation, manufacturing, and marketing.

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Opens New Opportunities to Overcome Your Unique Design Challenges

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SOLIDWORKS Business Model Changes Coming in July 2023

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FAQs: SOLIDWORKS Business Model Changes in July 2023

What changed in July?

  • Starting in July 2023, all new purchases of SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD licenses (Perpetual, Term, Standalone, or Network) will include Cloud Services as part of the subscription.
  • All new SOLIDWORKS Desktop Perpetual licenses (CAD, Simulation, PDM, etc.) will require a minimum of two years of subscription.
  • In order to ensure the continued delivery of the quality products our clients have come to expect, all new Perpetual & Term license subscriptions of SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD products will experience an uplift in price.

What happens after two years if I do not renew?

After two years, you may choose to renew annually. However, if you choose not to renew, your Desktop license will be Perpetual; but you will no longer have access to Cloud Services for CAD, version upgrades, and support.

Will flexible licensing options continue to be available?

  • Yes. While the majority of the software industry has removed Perpetual licenses, the option to purchase a SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD Perpetual license remains available to you.
  • SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD Term licensing continues to be an ideal option for clients needing a flexible, scalable solution with simplified budgeting and lower upfront costs compared to the traditional Perpetual licensing model.
  • Existing SOLIDWORKS Desktop Perpetual or Term licenses, on active subscription, can continue to renew subscription without Cloud Services.

What capabilities are included in Cloud Services?

  • Share and Markup
  • Store and Revise
  • Manage and Control

For each new license (Standalone or Network), one named user will have access to Cloud Services. Cloud Services will be included with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, Premium, as well as with SOLIDWORKS Premium with Simulation Packages.

Does this change affect new and existing clients purchasing new licenses?

Yes, this is for new and existing clients purchasing new licenses.

I am an existing SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD client. Can I renew without Cloud Services?

Yes, clients with existing licenses on active subscription or Term licenses can continue to renew without Cloud Services.

Does this change affect Network licenses?

Yes, the July changes are for both Standalone and Network licenses.

Can I have licenses with and without Cloud Services on the same SNL network?


I am a client on active subscription. Can I upgrade to SOLIDWORKS with Cloud Services?

Yes. You can upgrade your subscription to include Cloud Services.

I am interested in upgrading to SOLIDWORKS with Cloud Services. Do I have to upgrade ALL of my licenses (Standalone or Network)?

No, you don't have to. You can upgrade any number of licenses you choose.

My company doesn’t work with cloud solutions, can I still buy SOLIDWORKS?

Yes, we have options available to meet your requirements. Please contact us (info@thesolidexperts.com) in such cases.

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