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Success Stories

Decimal Engineering

The Job Shop That Does It All: Decimal Engineering Looks to The SolidExperts for CAD That Handles Everything

From concept to completion, Decimal Engineering, Inc. is a full service state-of-the-art precision sheet metal fabricator, laser and machine shop who use SOLIDWORKS software. Beyond producing parts and assemblies, SOLIDWORKS allows them to evaluate and recommend ways to improve the efficiencies for their customers' product manufacturing.

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The Anspach Effort

Where Little Details Make a Big Difference

Anspach's pneumatic drill systems are involved in critical life-saving operations. In this field of medical technology, the object of innovation is in the tiny details -- to try and direct more and more power through smaller and smaller mechanics. The Anspach team designs new products in SOLIDWORKS, which gives them several advantages to bring Anspach into the next generation of drill capabilities.

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MAKO Surgical Corp.

Expanding the Availability of Partial Knee Resurfacing

MAKO Surgical Corp was founded in 2004 to develop the surgical solutions and precision technologies necessary to assist orthopedic surgeons in performing partial knee resurfacing. Using SOLIDWORKS software, MAKO developed the first robotic arm orthopedic system cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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SawStop, LLC

Innovating an Injury-Reducing Table Saw

SawStop invents and manufactures unique, safety system-equipped table saws that dramatically reduce the risk of operator injury. Using SOLIDWORKS software, they have accelerated the development of this revolutionary electronic detection system that induces an electrical signal onto the blade and monitors that signal for changes.

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Cane Creek Cycling Components

Pedaling a Path to Faster Cycling Component Development

Cane Creek Cycling Components developed the patented headset technology that couples a bike's frame to its front fork on virtually all commercially produced bicycles. Cane Creek leverages SOLIDWORKS design and simulation tools to achieve its R&D goals - expanding its product line while reducing time-to-market.

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