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solidThinking Evolve

Evolve is the first modeling tool built specifically for designers.

Evolve captures an initial sketch, allows you to explore styling alternatives, and then visualize your products with integrated photorealistic rendering. It combines both the modeling freedom of organic surfaces and the control of parametric solids with an advanced construction history feature. Evolve releases designers from the constraints of traditional CAD products while allowing the export of the digital models often required by others in the product development process.

Evolve Benefits

  • Model Freely - Created by Designers for Designers, Evolve provides free form surfacing and solid modeling in a single package. This allows the best approach to be applied to each aspect of a design.
  • Make Changes Effortlessly - The Construction Tree history allows users to edit a point or a parameter and then let Evolve automatically update the entire model. Typically surface modelers require the recreation of an entire model to accommodate a dimensional change.
  • Render Beautifully - Quickly test and evaluate designs, materials or environments while developing your model. Evolve offers users the ability to create photorealistic images and animation with a built-in renderer.

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