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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Simulation Standard

Determine early in the design process if your product will work and how long it will last.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard enables every designer and engineer to simulate and analyze design performance with fast, easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Simulation CAD-embedded analysis solutions. You can quickly and easily employ advanced simulation techniques to optimize performance while you design with capabilities that cut down on costly prototypes, eliminate rework and delays, and save you time and development costs.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard Features:

  • Design Alternatives Virtual testing - Easily compares the performance of design configurations. The Linear static Analysis allows you to get, earlier in the design process, the stress, displacement and factor of safety distributions.
  • Failure Mode Fatigue - Evaluates the impact of cyclic loads on the structural life of a product to ensure it meets requirements for performance, quality, and safety.
  • Trend Tracker - Compares the impact of design changes on key criteria, such as maximum stress or maximum displacement, to quickly identify the best solution and shorten the product development process.

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