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Powered by technology from Altium, SOLIDWORKS PCB is a comprehensive printed circuit board design package. PCB designers can utilize its rich automated tools to complete the board design process including SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector.

Electrical and Mechanical design each have profound differences, causing collaboration challenges between engineers and designers. SOLIDWORKS PCB - Powered by Altium - was created to bridge this gap.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Solutions Include:

PCB Design Engine

Use an industry-proven design engine from Altium for layout and routing of printed circuit boards, incorporating modern PCB design technology.

Streamlined Interface

Modern user interface- inspired by SOLIDWORKS–with consistent workflows and screen layout between schematic capture and board layout.

Supplier Links and Searching

Search online supplier databases and link real-time device parameters, pricing, and availability to your library. Allowing you to make immediate decisions to meet electrical requirements, budget, and deadlines.

ECAD MCAD Design Collaboration

Unmatched ECAD-MCAD integration and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS that unifies design data and pushes changes to both sides of the design project.


Rigid flex designs are more challenging than the design of a typical rigid board environment to provide users with a greater spatial efficiency. Designers can manipulate the flexible board substrates to achieve their desired shape.

Real-time 3D Clearance Checking

Visualize the PCB with components inside of the enclosure with other hardware to check fit and function - or use the model to check thermal and mechanical performance with Simulation.

Design Commenting and Revision Management

With a complete history of all changes made to design files, you'll have greater control over your design knowing exactly what changes were made and by whom.


After collaboration is completed, the PCB and other components are built as a native SOLIDWORKS file - allowing users to control board shape, hole placement, connector cutouts, and more.

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