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  • SOLIDWORKS 2019 is Here!

    SOLIDWORKS 2019 is Here!

    Don't miss seeing SOLIDWORKS 2019 in action! Reserve your seat today for a SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch event in Tampa, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale!


  • Webinar: In-Depth Primer on Computational Analysis

    Webinar: In-Depth Primer on Computational Analysis

    Computational analysis is the key to transform you into a more effective designer. No longer reserved for specialists, design simulation tools put your product development skills into the fast lane by enabling quick, accurate testing and analysis of designs to ensure quality, durability, and performance.

    When: Wednesday, October 17th at 2:00pm


  • Eliminate Friction in Design Collaboration

    Eliminate Friction in Design Collaboration

    Learn how integrated product development tools can facilitate your team's ability to collaborate.

    Download the eBook to read how modern CAD tools put your engineers at the hub of collaboration in product development.


  • 3D Print Parts as Strong As Aluminum: Save 95% vs. Machining

    3D Print Parts as Strong As Aluminum: Save 95% vs. Machining

    3D printing is advancing into the realm of production, both in terms of work-holding to assist in machining operations and custom end-use parts. Still, the value of a printer may not seem apparent at first.


  •  Learn the 5 Top Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS

    Learn the 5 Top Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS

    An integrated, multi-disciplinary CAD environment like SOLIDWORKS enables product development and manufacturing teams to concurrently leverage the master 3D CAD model for all other design tasks, enabling all stakeholders to work collaboratively with one another. Doing so not only eliminates duplicate tasks and cuts down on errors, but improves collaboration.


Florida's Reliable Source for SOLIDWORKS Products, Support and Training

With a qualified team of experienced engineers and certified SOLIDWORKS professionals, The SolidExperts work with you to formulate an implementation strategy, provide comprehensive training, and deliver full technical support for the complete line of SOLIDWORKS 3D design products, Markforged & 3D Systems 3D Printers and partner applications.

Bringing a professional history that spans two decades of supporting engineers and manufacturers across Florida, The SolidExperts team has the depth of experience, local knowledge, and engineering skills that your company needs to be able to innovate, engineer and manufacture faster and better than ever before. Discover the difference that experience makes.

Contact us now and let The SolidExperts put the power of 3D on your desktop! 954-772-1903

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