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Tailored to your needs, The SolidExperts offers customized SOLIDWORKS training, from SOLIDWORKS Essentials to SOLIDWORKS Advanced to every specialty in between.

The SolidExperts offers training courses LIVE, in-person and streaming virtually. Our in-depth training programs and methodology significantly shorten learning curves and dramatically increase productivity.

Whether you want to take a standard open-enrollment course, or if your company needs training on a specific work process, our industry-experienced instructors can teach you how to leverage SOLIDWORKS technology to your everyday advantage. The SolidExperts has a training solution to suit your needs - and your budget.

For more information or to customize a course offering, please contact us.

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Training Courses for All SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Choose from a variety of topics such as PDM, CAD, SIM, Communications, and Self-Paced eCourses to step-up your skills and experience. All of these training courses are taught by expert SOLIDWORKS instructors.

  • PDM
  • CAD
    • SOLIDWORKS Essentials
    • SOLIDWORKS Advanced
    • Advanced Surface Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Electrical
  • Communication
  • Self-Paced eCourses

SOLIDWORKS Live Streaming Training

The SolidExperts now offers a live streaming training experience featuring interactive, engaging content and taught by certified SOLIDWORKS instructors. The SolidExperts Live streaming training consists of the same live, high quality content and curriculum that we have delivered for years from our Florida classrooms by our certified experts, only without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Expand your subject-knowledge on SOLIDWORKS with the help of virtual expert instructors that customize your experience to increase your productivity.

Please check our schedule for our current live streaming training offerings.

SOLIDWORKS Classroom Training

For those who are 'hands-on' learners who prefer the interaction of a live instructor in a classroom environment, The SolidExperts is again offering our customized, high quality SOLIDWORKS training courses in-person. Our classroom instruction is delivered by our certified experts in an interactive and engaging atmosphere with limited student capacity.

Please see our schedule for in-person training with a live instructor.

SOLIDWORKS Custom Training

The SolidExperts can address your unique needs and provide a customized version of popular SOLIDWORKS courses for your work environment. These training courses will allow you to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement and leverage our certified expertise to accelerate results.

For more information on how to customize a course offering, please contact us.

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